Why Choose Magnolia Lactation?

 When you’re having breastfeeding problems you can feel both physical pain and stress.  You have this new little life you just want to enjoy and you find yourself trying to find answers everywhere.  You have questions and concerns and we have answers and a plan.  We make consults easy and come to you – either in home or virtual.  Our IBCLCs are well trained in assessing tethered oral tissues (“ties”) and guiding families through low milk supply, oversupply, and healing nipple damage.  

As a private practice, you have access to help beyond normal business hours.  There is no red tape, there are no gag orders, only a passion for helping families and constantly increasing clinical skills.  When you want an honest assessment, a realistic plan of care, and quick response we’re here for you.  

How can an IBCLC help me?

  • An IBCLC is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  IBCLCs help breastfeeding families by providing evidence based information and support.  They assess latch, breast/nipple condition, infant oral anatomy, and the mechanics of milk transfer.  The IBCLCs at Magnolia Lactation have extensive knowledge on infant feeding, milk production, and how to help families overcome their challenges. They can help if you’re having low supply, over supply, nipple pain, inverted nipples, breastfeeding after surgery, or any other breastfeeding challenge.

Does Magnolia Lactation Consulting accept insurance?

  • Magnolia Lactation is partnered with Lactation Network, a company that specializes in insurance billing for lactation providers!  Want to know if your insurance is compatible?
    • Go to our Lactation Network page.
    • If approved, then you’re set to schedule your first visit with us! Lactation Network will arrange to bill your insurance directly for up to six consults.  Prenatal, newborn, follow-up, and virtual consults included!
  • Magnolia Lactation also serves self-pay clients!  We can create a “superbill” – a specialized receipt that you can submit to your insurance or health sharing company for reimbursement or application to your deductible.
  • We believe that professional lactation care should be accessible.  If your primary insurance is Medicaid and you cannot afford the self pay option, reach out by email (hello@magnolialactation.com) to request discount rates.

Are virtual breastfeeding consults available?

  • Virtual consults are available!  We use a secure, private, HIPAA compliant video chat within our online client portal. This isn’t your ordinary virtual visit, though.  Magnolia Lactation is going to work with you to dig deep to the root cause of your concerns.

How many visits will it take to solve my breastfeeding concerns?

  • Each breastfeeding situation is different and calls for a unique approach. Some breastfeeding challenges can be resolved by making one or two simple changes.  There are other situations that call for continued care. We will always make the plan of care clear during the consult.

What locations are eligible for a lactation consultant home visit?

  • Magnolia Lactation Consulting is based out of Denham Springs, La and serves the cities of Denham Springs, Walker, Central, Zachary, Baton Rouge, Prairieville, and Gonzales.
  • If you are local but outside of these areas, please contact hello@magnolialactation.com to schedule directly.
  • If you’re out of the area completely but need lactation support, virtual visits are available.

How do I set up an appointment?