Magnolia Lactation Consulting offers home visits in the Denham Springs, La/Baton Rouge, La area. Areas served include Denham Springs, Walker, Central, Zachary, Baton Rouge, and Prairieville. Video visits are available for any location in the US.

Initial Client Home Visit

  • Are you having breastfeeding challenges and need in person support? This is for you.  We’ll talk about your goals, how things are going, and the best way to overcome any challenges.  By the end of the visit you will have a personalized care plan to use moving forward.

Established Client Home Visit

  • Already had your first visit and ready to keep moving forward towards those goals? This is for you.  At this visit we can evaluate how things have been going and make any adjustments needed.

Personalized Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

  • Pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) and want to learn all about breastfeeding?  You’ve breastfed before but felt like you were flying by the seat of your pants? This is for you.  Let me know your specific questions, concerns, and areas of interest.  This class will be tailored to your specific situation, in the comfort of your own home.

Back to Work Consult

  • Ready to go back to work and need some support getting your freezer stash growing and figuring out that pump? Want to know the best way for your caregiver to feed baby? This is for you.  We can talk about your specific pump, strategize an optimal routine, and learn about milk storage and infant feeding.  A tailored consult in the comfort of your own home.

TeleHealth Video Consult

  • Need breastfeeding support but you’re not up to a home visit just yet? Perhaps you’re outside of the Magnolia Lactation geographical area. This is for you. We can troubleshoot breastfeeding concerns, talk about gentle weaning, have a prenatal or back to work consult.  This visit will occur over the secure, private video chat in Milk Notes, our online charting portal. Prenatal and back to work consults also available by virtual visit.

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