What Happens at a Lactation Home Visit?

What happens at a home visit?

We’ll talk about the specific concerns and goals of your particular family and will tailor the visit from there.  This will most likely include an observation of a nursing session.  It may include a breast exam, and an exam of baby’s mouth. We will weigh baby, and can do a weighted feed. By the end of the visit we will have a care plan for the immediate days to follow.  A report will be produced to send to the pediatrician and other care providers as needed.

How should I prepare for a home visit?

Complete your profile on our client portal and download the app if you like.  The consent must be read and signed prior to the visit.  That is what gives your IBCLC permission to obtain your medical history and to examine and assess you. Filling out the intake questionnaire will give your IBCLC important information that will guide the consult.  We’ll review your and baby’s health history and talk about your pregnancy and birth experience.

Since a visit ideally will involve assessing a nursing session, try to time it so that baby will be ready to feed about a half hour into the scheduled visit.  If you’re using a pump, have that there so we can go over any questions you might have about pumping.

How should I prepare my home?

Your IBCLC will bring a scale that requires a flat surface and an outlet to plug into. Any pets that might not feel friendly should be secured. Remember that even the sweetest pets can feel protective when a new baby is in the home.

*Please remember that it is your home and the purpose of the visit is to support your breastfeeding relationship.  There is no reason to spend your precious energy cleaning for a visit!*

What Happens After?

Keep in touch and let your IBCLC know if there are any changes or if you have any questions or concerns.  When you reach out, we will probably ask: how often has baby been feeding, how those feedings have been going, and the number of diapers your baby is making.  Our patient portal has a secure messaging app that is completely HIPAA secure.  Use this feature to ask questions or to update your lactation consultant.

Do you need a superbill to send in to your insurance company? Let us know!

Some situations will require a follow-up visit to further assess things like milk transfer, latch changes, and weights.  You can schedule online from the open appointments or ask your IBCLC to set you up through secure message.

Amanda is an RN, IBCLC (lactation consultant) who helps breastfeeding families through classes and home visits in the greater Baton Rouge, La area. Secure virtual visits are available for breastfeeding support no matter the location.  

All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Magnolia Lactation Consulting encourages all families to have close communication with the medical providers of their choice.

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