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Welcome to Magnolia Lactation Consulting. I’m Amanda, the IBCLC behind MLC and I’m passionate about breastfeeding moms getting the support and information that they deserve to meet their breastfeeding goals. I strive to offer personalized support and education to breastfeeding families. Please have a browse around the site to learn more about my services. Whether […]

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Alternative Feeding Methods

The first rule of lactation care is, “feed the baby.”  If feeding at the breast went easily all the time, the world wouldn’t need IBCLCs.  Sometimes there are challenges, and that’s ok, we will find our way through them.  In the meantime, we have to get milk into the baby.  In the early days, we […]

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Preparing for Your Visit

Whether you have booked a virtual or a home consult, you’re probably wondering what the next step is.  No matter what type of visit it is, start here: If you have requested a consult and have not received a confirmation in a timely manner, please text 225-230-9054. Check your email.  You should see an email […]

Exciting News!

Magnolia Lactation Consulting is pleased to announce the addition of another IBCLC.  This means that there will now be greater appointment availability – more support for all of your breastfeeding needs.  Danielle Saxon, MSN, RN, IBCLC will be providing lactation home visits in the greater Baton Rouge area.  Her experience working with breastfeeding families is […]

Lactation Myths

Milky Myths: Part One

 What Do Lactation Consultants Really Do?      The majority of my work as an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant) is education.  The more we can arm a family with information, the better. As an IBCLC, I am an expert in lactation support and care of the breastfeeding family.  However, you are the expert […]

Homeopathic Remedies for Breastfeeding

Why Try Homeopathy? During pregnancy and breastfeeding we often search for treatments that we can safely use.  It’s in this period that many parents stumble onto homeopathic remedies. They’re available over the counter at many grocery and drug stores and often recommended by fellow parents.   Homeopathy is different than allopathic medicine.  Rather than taking a […]

Mama Spotlight: Alice

From time to time we are going to spotlight a Baton Rouge, La area breastfeeding mother.  We’ll hear about her expectations, her challenges, and what she has learned. Each breastfeeding family has a unique experience, with different values and different goals. These experiences and goals may be different from your own, and that’s okay to […]