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Have you gotten a lot of lactation advice already? The conflicting advice can be confusing.  At Magnolia Lactation, we offer comprehensive assessment of both you and baby.  You’ll see a board-certified lactation consultant skilled in assessing latch, milk supply, and your baby. We have the training and experience to give you the answers you need.

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Office Consults 11857 Bricksome Ave Suite A, Baton Rouge

Home Consults Available in Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Walker, Central, Prairieville, Gonzales

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Why Magnolia Lactation?

Specialized Training

When you need answers, you want your lactation consultant to have them. We are educated and experienced in low supply and tethered oral tissues.

We know Mom Matters

So much of breastfeeding support is focused on the baby. At Magnolia Lactation, we know that mom is just as important as baby. We'll help protect your supply and get to the root cause.


Your privacy is important and your information is always HIPAA protected.


Care in the comfort of your home! You choose a home or a virtual consult.

What Our Clients say

“Amanda saved my sanity, my supply, and my nipples."

"Thank you for everything you did for us. He is a nursing champ now! Without your help we would have given up for sure by now. I'm so grateful for you!"

"You saved our breastfeeding relationship. We're still going strong at 16 months!"
“Danielle was so compassionate and helpful!"

"I learned so much in our visit and felt so much more confident breastfeeding my baby."