Homeopathic Remedies for Breastfeeding

Why Try Homeopathy?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding we often search for treatments that we can safely use.  It’s in this period that many parents stumble onto homeopathic remedies. They’re available over the counter at many grocery and drug stores and often recommended by fellow parents.  

Homeopathy is different than allopathic medicine.  Rather than taking a medication to mitigate a symptom or diagnosed illness, a person is matched to the best remedy for their condition at that time.  Two people can have the same illness, and yet be matched to different remedies because of the way they are experiencing the illness. Matching to a remedy can be oddly specific – are you thirsty?  Does your toddler ask for things and then refuse them when offered? Is it the left breast or the right?

Guiding Principles

For chronic and deep-seated issues, it is best to seek the counsel of an experienced Homeopath.  Acute issues can be treated by following the basic principles of classical homeopathy:

  • law of minimum dose
  • law of similars
  • single remedy.
  • When treating an acute illness, look for the 30C strength of the chosen remedy. 

Read more about those at the North American Society of Homeopaths website. This site also has a directory of Homeopaths – many practice in person as well as remotely.

Learn More

If you’re new to homeopathy, or want to look into it more, there are some more great resources. 

  • On Facebook, “Mary’s Homeopathy Study Group” is led by an experienced homeopath and offers peer support in learning the basic principles.  
  • Miranda Castro has assembled an excellent manual that can help one to match a remedy to an acute issue. 

Below are the homeopathic remedies that can help with specific breastfeeding related issues, found in The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Miranda Castro.

As always, use your best judgement and consult your trusted healthcare practitioner with any medical questions.  For breastfeeding concerns, set up an IBCLC consult.

Symptoms Remedy
Baby: vomits milk after feeding, agitated and refuse the breast the next time it is offered Antimonium Crudum
Engorged breasts that are hard, hot, inflamed, painful.  Red streaks, throbbing pain, overabundance of milk.  Belladonna
Breasts are painful during nursing, aching after nursing. Pain in the opposite breast while baby is latched on. Immediately after nursing both breasts are aching. Borax Veneta
Breasts are engorged, hard, hot, inflamed.  Breasts are pale, pain is “stitching” (as opposed to red and throbbing, see Belladonna). Over-supply of milk.  Slightest movement causes pain. Sometimes there is fever and depression. Bryonia Alba
Over-supply of milk; breasts feel large and uncomfortable. Calcarea Carbonica
Breast lumps present mostly in right breast, not necessarily painful. Conium Maculatum
Low milk supply; experiencing chills. Dulcamara
Painful breast abscess. Mercurius Solubilis
Baby: nasal congestion, especially at night, interfering with nursing.  Especially for babies who are sensitive to mother’s diet. Nux Vomica
Breasts are inflamed, lumps present. Abscesses. Nipples are cracked and sore. Nursing is painful – pain radiates from nipple into the rest of the breast and body. *this remedy can take 12-24 hours to take effect Phytolacca
Over-supply. Emotional: weepy, depressed. Pulsatilla Nigiricans
Breasts inflamed, painful, lumpy. Nipples cracked and inverted. Abscesses. Pain in breasts is sharp and worse while nursing.  Worse in left breast. Also may have an aching back. Silica
Breasts: red, inflamed. Abscess. Breasts may be itchy. Sulphur
Milk supply problems: low supply or oversupply. Can help during the first few days when milk supply seems low and there is no obvious reason.   Urtica Urens

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