How Much Does a Lactation Consult Cost?

You know that you would benefit from personalized lactation care but need to know your options. At Magnolia Lactation there are both insurance and self-pay options.


We work with The Lactation Network (TLN) to provide insurance covered lactation care. TLN works with many major insurance plans. Coverage includes prenatal consults, initial feeding consults and follow up consults.  Click here to find out if your plan is compatible.

Self-Pay & Superbill

Self-pay options are also available for all services. Here, we invoice you directly and then provide a superbill for the consult upon request. A superbill is a detailed medical receipt you can submit to your insurance or health sharing network to request reimbursement. You can also use this to ask for the cost to be applied to your deductible. 

FSA/HSA funds accepted.

Learn more about how to submit requests to your insurance company.

What Else?

If your plan does not work with Lactation Network, or you do not have insurance, and you are unable to afford the full rate you can email to discuss a discounted fee.

Why can’t this just be free?

We really wish it all was! We believe that professional lactation care should be as available and affordable as possible. This is why we blog, offer tips and tricks, and support groups. As a private practice, we have the flexibility to offer home visits, in-depth virtual consults, and to pivot towards best practices. You can message us in the evenings and weekends and get to talk to your lactation provider quickly. These are the benefits of private practice, but it does mean that we need to charge for our services. As we grow, there will always be space to offer low-cost services for those in need.

Rachel O’Brien explains the details of the cost of a lactation consultant.

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 Virtual consults are available for all locations.

All information on this website is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Magnolia Lactation Consulting encourages all families to have close communication with the medical providers of their choice.

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